Banned words.


The AI has a function to ban words globally or in an adventure. I responsibly declare that this function absolutely does not work. Banned words still do not disappear from the text, and sometimes even on the contrary, the Ai abuses their use.


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Twelfth Wayfare

I find that the global word ban works *most* of the time, and it usually fails when the AI gets really hung up on a word or term (around last December I couldn't get the game to stop bringing up "elfstones," and lately the game's really hung up on "THE END"). The adventure ban simply doesn't work at all - it prevents the *user* from entering certain words, but it doesn't stop the AI whatsoever.

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oh so the the end is happening due to it being banned-



Nah, a global ban is totally not working as well... I just have an idea how this function should work, because I used a similar one in NovelAI.
Novel has it almost completely blocking specified words. The funny thing is, when their AI really wants to insert banned word, it will make a mistake on purpose and distort the word (Luke--> Lukke, Lyke, Ly~ke). :)

Earlier, this AID function worked as a multiplayer option, which prohibited users to use banned words... From that perspective - it works as it should...
It's just that, after they implemented filtering, I saw somewhere that this feature should also block what the AI generates... And their FAQ hints at it.
Maybe it's just another misunderstanding?



Yeah. Banned words completely don't work.
I noticed this quite long ago, but forgot to write about it.
An example I had encountered just yesterday:
I had a spot in a scenario where the AI was introducing a character's name, and when I pressed 'Retry' - it would generate Kid (Sir Kid) pretty often. After I added 'Kid' as the banned word - nothing changed at all.
P.s. I use Griffin, the traveler sub. right now.



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